Rates and Policies

Derby, Flag, Rooster Houses

(6 person maximum occupancy)
Rental Rates per Night 1 Night - $350.00
2+ Nights - $250

Butterfly House

(4 person maximum occupancy)
Rental Rates per Night 1 Night - $350.00
2+ Nights - $250.00


The Lodge

(12 person maximum occupancy) Rental Rates per Night 1 Night - $550.00 2+ Nights - $450.00

For longer reservations, please call us directly! 214-478-8999

Reservation & Refund Policy

Occupancy Rules

Each house has a suggested occupancy rate based on many factors including our septic system capabilities. The number of persons occupying the house must be disclosed at the time of rental. If your group is larger than disclosed, and or larger than the legal maximum limit, all guests will be required to vacate the property immediately with no refund.

No outdoor parties, house parties, Easter egg hunts or wedding receptions are permitted at individual houses with guests that are not staying at the property. If a party is reported you will be asked to vacate the property with no refund. Any parties held at the pavilion or the pool area must be approved in advance and will be for an additional fee.

Cleaning and Damage Policies

Guests are responsible for leaving their house in reasonably clean and orderly condition at departure. Guests are expected to: wash all dishes used, clean all food out of refrigerator, make sure all trash is in a trash bag and placed on the front porch, leave dirty towels in the laundry room, put dirty sheets in a pillow case and leave in the laundry room. All dishes, pots and pans etc. must be left in the house just as they were upon arrival. At our sole discretion the management reserves the right to charge additional cleaning fee if this requirement is not met. We pride ourselves on our housekeeping staff and the cleanliness of the houses. Please let us know if the house is not up to par.

We know you are on vacation and probably don't want to spend your time cleaning. Housekeeping service is available during your stay at a minimum charge of $50 depending on specific requests and the size of the house. No housekeeping service is included in your rental cost other than the basic cleaning of the house upon your departure.

Damage Reporting and Repair

Upon first occupying the house, guests are asked to immediately report any noticeable damage found. Failure to do so may make guest financially liable to pay for repair of said damage. Guest is financially responsible for damage above the normal wear and tear of the property that occurs while they are renting the house. Any damage that occurs should be reported immediately. We do not get upset about these things, we have seen it all, but for example many spills can be removed if reported promptly.

Please report any equipment or appliance failures immediately. We will do our best to have this fixed during your stay. There will be no rent reductions for any mechanical failures and each instance will be handled at the discretion of the management.

Lost Items Policy

Lost items are something we would be glad to help you with. Our policy is for our housekeeper to put anything found in our lost and found box where it is tagged and held for 3 months. We are not responsible for items left behind and we will try to accommodate you in any way possible. Please be considerate in that this takes sometimes a great amount of time out of our day to look for things and send them on. Remember also, and this has happened to us on numerous occasions, many times items were not actually left here and are found by guests later. Please let us know if that is the case. Our housekeeping staff is a family that has been working for us for 10 years and they are honest and beyond reproach.