Thug in unicorn onesie swipes Buckfast as woman spits in shopkeeper’s face

A man dressed in a unicorn onesie was caught on camera threatening a shopkeeper and demanding two bottles of Buckfast at 9am on a Sunday.

Alarming CCTV footage shows the man with two bottles of the tonic wine under his arms as he uses one to gesticulate wildly and his female companion argues with the shopkeeper.

The man lifts a bottle of the drink above his head as if to strike while the woman pulls items off shelves as they leave, stealing the booze.

The shopkeeper, dad-of-three Sanjay Singh, refused to serve the aggressive pair who he thought had been on an “all-night bender”.

They were trying to get their hands on the 15% popular Scottish tipple an hour before shopkeepers in Scotland are legally allowed to sell alcohol.

Mr Singh, 43, believes the pair had wanted to continue partying through Sunday morning.

He says the boozed-up yob and his female companion, both aged in their mid 20s, became aggressive and swiped two bottles of the tonic wine, which they had demanded, as well as trashing the store.

The young woman could be seen spitting in Mr Singh’s face in shocking CCTV footage, as he ushered them to the door.

Mr Singh said: “They wanted Buckfast.

“They were high or had been drinking, people want their alcohol and the only thing stopping them is the shopkeeper.

“They had been up all night, they were in their 20s – old enough to know better.

“They got angry because I wasn’t going to serve them.”

Mr Singh said the pair kept saying “‘I want what I want’.”

“I was just asking them to leave the store, there were three elderly customers in the shop in their late 70s,” Mr Singh added.

“It was Sunday morning – I tend not to get anyone under the age of 50 on a Sunday morning.”

The confrontation happened at the Park Farm Post Office branch of USave, in Port Glasgow, on July 5.

Mr Singh said he was lucky the spit hit him on the chin rather than full in the face, given fears over coronavirus.

He said: “It is disgusting at any time but especially when there is a virus and a pandemic going on.

“We decided to stay open because there’s not enough shops in this area.

“It was very hard for the first few months.

“As a company we thought it was the right thing to do.

“I just want to go to work, that’s what I want to do every day, but I don’t go to work to deal with this.

“It is bad outside the pandemic, but this was in the pandemic.

“I haven’t been tested but I haven’t shown any symptoms.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Around 8.55 am on Friday, 5 July, 2020, police were called to an incident in a post office/convenience store in Arran Avenue, Port Glasgow, in which the shopkeeper was assaulted and a quantity of alcohol was stolen.

“Enquiries are continuing.”